Oudleerders presteer

Gerrit Matthee en Emma de Goede, twee oud-Dee-Effers en MTBS-dirigente, is onlangs aangewys as een van die drie wenners van die Avid and Abbey Road Studios Global Music Talent Competition. Volgens die organiseerders was daar ongeveer 5 000 inskrywings.
Die organiseerders sê in hul amptelike persverklaring die volgende omtrent hierdie twee talentvolle oudleerders:

Melodic rock duo, Emerger, from Cape Town, South Africa, incorporates classical influence with memorable melodies, to create a self-described “musically dynamic and refined sound.” Their song, “Break & Fall,” which details the universal theme of the ups and downs of a romantic relationship, was the choice of Feldmann, who said the pair’s melodies are unique and different. “They have a great cinematic landscape to their music,” he said. “They have a good image and are a good example of what modern music can be. The producer did a great job on the track. The singer has a great voice and seems like she would be a good front woman."

Die skakel na die volledige persverklaring is:

Gepubliseer: 2013/05/14 - 13:26